What material should you use for your corset?

You have finally made a decision on what corset you would like to add to your closet but there is another important choice that you have to make. What kind of material will you choose to buy sexy lingerie? There are so many different types in this day and age for one piece lingerie, gone are the days when it was one or nothing. So we have narrowed down the list of materials that you could potentially buy for your corset and hopefully this assist you to make the right choice, based around both comfort and style!

There are five main types of fabrics that are commonly used in todays bodysuit lingerie range. From cotton, satin, mesh, leather or brocade it is common to ask the question ‘which should I choose?’. The answer is based upon many factors, but lets start with the cotton corsets. If you are looking for something that is comfortable and casual then cotton is certainly the way to go. It will generally take a little longer to feel as if it is broken in, but when it is it will be comfortable and easy to wear with a basic piece like denim jeans for example. It is harder to wear under clothes because of the thicker fabrics though.

Along with cotton, mesh is both lightweight and breathable. It is comfortable and you can wear it either over or under your clothing. In summer it will not get too warm and it gives a great shape because of the lack of bulk in this material.

If you are looking for something to wear beneath your clothes then satin is a great choice. Your clothes will glide over it and will probably not cling to it as much as other potential fabrics.

A brocade fabric is a more traditional fabrics, and beautiful when made into an exotic lingerie corset. It is a thick polyester blend that is often given the feel of upholstery or tapestry. They have an elegant look as opposed to a plain fabric and can add a little extra to your outfit! Since it is a thicker, woven fabric it takes a little longer to wear it in. Once it is it does get ore comfortable than when it was new, but this will take longer than than the thinner fabrics available.

Finally, there is leather corsets! Lambskin leather is incredibly supple and a good choice for corsets. It is comfortable almost instantly, so as opposed to other fabrics it does not need to be broken in. Lambskin is not as stiff as other leathers, which you can also get for corsets. Your clothes will not cling to the leather if you wear it below your clothes but it is a bit bulkier. Wearing it above your clothes to show off is a much better option for this fabric!

So, depending on how you want to wear your corset there are several fabrics to choose from. From cotton to leather, there are pros and cons to each of the materials that you have on offer. All can be found in our lingerie Ottowa store forĀ  erotic lingerie Canada.

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