5 Preparations You Should Make Before Wearing Lingerie

Lingerie. It seems fairly straight forward (even if it can become a challenge to put it on). Thing is, most people overlook some basic preparations that they can take when looking to put on lingerie (which can make a massive impact on how good it looks on you!)

If you are interested, keep reading. I promise to make it worth your while.

1. Check your lighting

No matter how amazing you look in your lingerie, the right lighting will always make you look better. Whether you’re putting it on for someone else, or for a booster in your own self-confidence, it is generally best if you can make sure that you put on good lighting beforehand. This includes lighting some candles, putting on a lamp, or just dimming your overhead. Stay away from harsh lighting. That is not flattering for anyone, no matter how gorgeous you are!

2. Clean up

This one is especially relevant if you are getting dressed up for someone else. Make sure that you clean up your space. No matter how pretty you look, your background will be distracting if it is nothing but a mess. Take the time to make sure things are picked up and clean and you will be the focus instead of your messy backdrop.

3. Shower

Really, I’m sure that this one goes without saying but there is a lot of power in making sure that you have a shower before you get all dressed up. Not only will you look better, but you are likely to feel more seductive too, which is always a great thing. Additionally, make sure that you dry off properly, because there is nothing harder than putting on clothes when your body is still damp.

4. Pick the music

Honestly, music can be such a mood enhancer! Choose some music that makes you feel seductive and pretty and happy and go with that! Put some on while you get dressed and I guarantee that your whole mood will be transformed for the better.

5. Have fun

If you put too much pressure on yourself, you are not going to enjoy the experience. Make sure that you remember to actually have fun with it! You look and feel better, sexier and more confident when you have fun, so don’t worry so much and let what happens happen. It’s okay. You’ve got this!

Feeling inspired yet? I hope so! After all, this most was meant to inspire you, and having a ritual can also make things a little less scary and stressful (which is never a bad thing!)

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